Reading at Brooklyn Museum

As if you needed another reason to hit Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum — I’ll be doing a reading at 9 p.m. on January 2, 2010.

Please be aware that, should you choose to join me — and I hope you do — the Brooklyn Museum sells booze at First Saturdays events. I trust you know what to do with this information.

No one got me Them Crooked Vultures for Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Reading at Brooklyn Museum

  1. John, on page 109 of your book ‘perfect from now on’ you have made a huge error (of judgement):
    “Dave Matthews has stinky pheromones.” You can’t possibly have meant this, and so I am writing to let you know that your editor has missed this contextual typo and you should fire him/her immediately.
    Dave Matthews employs a brilliant amount of fiddle, oh yes, I said that. He also has the best dance moves since … Well, since page 52.
    One more thing: “‘Jeez-just shut up and rock!'” = brilliance. I am going to do my best to work this into a conversation while I study in London.
    thanks, rad book.
    -Vancouver, Canada

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