Soundgarden Reunites for 2010 Tour

Soundgarden-PressPhoto100Chris Cornell must have really wanted to end his otherwise uninspiring 2009 on a good note.

At precisely 11:58 p.m. ET last night, the goateed Seattle legend’s Twitter followers found out what much of the music-loving world is only now waking up to learn: Soundgarden is reuniting.

This news is so awesome that, for a second there, I forgot all about that album with Timbaland.

Maybe they’ll even tour in 2010 with Pavement?

But this epic tweet isn’t as epic as so many bloggers are making it out to be. I mean, Soundgarden reunited a year and a half ago at a Cinnabon. How did everybody forget about that so quickly?


6 thoughts on “Soundgarden Reunites for 2010 Tour

  1. (Gasp)

    Hope they can recapture the old magic beyond, say, a Fleetwood Mac – The Dance reunion tour (I guess it helps they don’t have the jilted lover dynamic going on, I assume).

  2. Looks like you’re two steps ahead of me on this one, John! Can’t believe I missed it before writing mine!

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