13 thoughts on “Dear Michael Cera

  1. He’s so casual and unassuming. Why are you threatened by someone so milquetoast?

    No, seriously – it’s the hoodie-over-buttondown that gets me. Mike, if you’re chilly, go to a vintage store and get a hipster sportcoat.

    1. Tough love, Joshua. Cera’s like a brother or something, but sometimes you have to be stern. I mean, what about a nice hipster track jacket instead?

  2. I was charmed when he played George-Michael Bluth in “Arrested Development,” then less charmed when he continued to play him in every indie movie to be released for the last four years. Now I’d like him to go away, please, and take his girlfriend with him.

  3. As a fellow Canadian, I agree. I think he needs to up his sartorial game. I did like him in Juno, though.

  4. As someone who would never wear such an outfit, I know people who do, and loathe the vaguely condescending awareness of hipness they carry. If they were more cocky, I wouldn’t mind, but they are all so insecure in their mainstream perfection.

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