Career-wise, 2008 was a banner year. Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life was published in paperback with much ballyhoo. Time Out New York appointed me as czar of its the back page Q+A. Spin asked me for regular Q+As. And I started tackling my next book, The Old Man and the Swamp. It was also a stellar year away from work. But I tend to focus on the negatives. Here are the most disappointing things that happened to me in 2008:

1. I failed to get on Jeopardy! despite making it to the in-person audition.

2. My cat went yet another year without speaking to me in English.

3. The Detroit Tigers crashed and burned.

4. This review.

5. Scrabulous imploded.

6. I didn’t catch a snake.

7. They took Chili of the Day off the menu at Miracle Grill.

8. That annoying couple at Bar Toto that found it necessary to sit on the same side of the booth while dining by themselves.

9. Still no dishwasher.

10. My Chevy Corsica, R.I.P.

But all in all 2008 ruled and I officially dub it the Year of Clapping Hands. And now, here’s this:


Here is my interview with the Flight of the Conchords, in this past week’s Time Out New York.

I didn’t even have time for lunch today.