I trust everyone watched the awesomeness that was Rock of Love Bus last night, or at least TiVoed the crud out of it? It’s the first (and most bandanna-y) in a long line of Sellers-approved TV shows returning to the air in early ’09; January alone serves up new episodes of 24, Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Flight of the Conchords. Good-bye, thumb-twiddling!

(And hello, visitors to my new blog hut at johnsellers.com! THE FIRST PERSON TO LEAVE A COMMENT HERE WINS!)

A quick shout-out to my pal Rob “Diesel” Kroese, who has been nominated for a 2008 Weblog Award for Best Humor Blog. Care to give him a vote or five? Then do so here, monkeys!

Anyway, here’s the interview I did with Bret Michaels for Time Out New York.

I still have never eaten porridge.


12 thoughts on “Porridge

  1. Bret Michaels and Battlestar Galactica together at last. Now we know why Bret wear’s the banadana…he’s a Cylon.

  2. I don’t win the awesome award (this time), but I am content with having giggled at the interview. Porridge is overrated anyway…

  3. Haha, almost. We went to lunch on NYE day at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis to get a good base before an afternoon of braving the Mall of America and playing Rock Band. Then we went to a party hosted by the three bears*.

    *James Bond-themed party with half-naked, gold-painted ladies.

  4. Well I’m late to this party, and I won’t win a darn thing. Rats.
    Is porridge the same as gruel?

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