Winston’s Atomic Bird

Thanks to the famous Lori from GR, I have been clued in to what the “shoe game” is. And I wish I hadn’t been.

Lori writes: “The shoe game involves clogging the nearest toilet with the groom’s and groomsman’s shoes- whoever clogs it the best wins. You didn’t know that?”

Luckily, that’s not true — but due to my extreme cynicism about these things I initially thought it was. But while fact-checking Lori’s clever misdirection I came across links explaining what the shoe game really entails. And I wish I hadn’t. Here’s a link that explained it for me. And here’s a video from a different wedding.

Is this a common event at weddings? I’ve been to about thirty in my life now and yet to come across it. But maybe I just roll with a different crowd?

Cold as hell. What happened?