The Swish

My old friend — really old, as in I met him in the sixth grade in 1981 — sent me a link to this funky YouTube curio from Boney M, a disco-era band that failed to make an impact in the U.S. despite wild success in Europe and Asia. So, my gift to you today is Boney M. You can thank me later.

In other news, the excellent podcast Most People Are DJs — which, as I learned after the fact, takes its name from a Hold Steady song title — interviewed me recently (another, more visually pleasing link here). As a frequent interviewer, I always feel very uncomfortable being the interviewee. It’s almost as if my brain shuts down and it’s all likes and ums. But the host covered up some of the holes (that’s what she said) by playing music underneath our conversation. Topics discussed: Jonathan Coulton, growing up in Michigan, the problem with cover songs, Falco, my increasing interest in the Hold Steady, and — duh — Guided By Voices.

I still haven’t gotten the call from Jeopardy!