Allen’s Wrench

I officially became a snob today. How do I know? I dropped a penny and didn’t pick it up.

I mean, it was just four years ago that I wrote the following question in my magical ideas journal: “Why did we do that to pennies?” I fully intended to write an essay expressing my sorrow that the penny was no longer useful; it would have been part of a “suite” that would also have included the laments “Why did we do that to hand-written letters?” and “Why did we do that to video stores?” As the penny lay there on the ground begging me to pick it up — “don’t leave me! I’m worth 1/449ths of a gallon of gas!” — I thought about all of this. And then I walked away.

Penny snobbery!

Anyway, here’s my interview with Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew fame.

I received a notice telling me that one of those traffic cameras caught me running a red light. In Staten Island. When was I in Staten Island?