Black Saturday

“I’d like a one-paragraph explanation on why you’re more important than me.”

That gem was uttered by my younger brother, Matt, when I asked if he could get off the only computer in this house with internet access for a half hour. And here is the requested one-paragraph explanation:

I’m older.

In other news, I survived Black Friday. I’m not sure if Black Friday is the same in other parts of the country, but here in G.R. there is folly, folly everywhere. It was reported that more than 2,000 people were waiting outside the Best Buy here before it opened yesterday morning at 5 a.m., and that dozens of them had been in line since the previous afternoon. In temperatures that dipped below the freezing point.

From The Grand Rapids Press:

S—-r B———x, 31, of Lake Odessa, joined the line at 3:30 p.m. Thursday to get her hands on a Sony laptop, case and printer half-price at $499.99. Her 13 1/2-hour wait was ameliorated by the kindness of strangers in line who shared their tent and heater.

“It was just to be able to get the laptops and be with everybody, and we made some new friends,” B———x said.

I just don’t understand this country anymore.

It’s 25 degrees outside.