Hoosier Daddy?

So I get up early today to get some work done and, well, it turns out I didn’t get up early. Goddamn daylight savings time. I just lost an hour.

To adequately express my anger, I’m gnawing emphatically on an Oats n’ Honey granola bar from Nature Valley. Satisfyingly crunchy. And annoyingly tasty.

Big news: Perfect From Now On is a best seller in Indianapolis! At least according to this article. Thanks, Hoosiers!

Reminder: If you have nothing better to do tomorrow night (Monday the 12th), I’ll be reading at Mo Pitkin’s in the East Village at 7pm. I’ll have you out of there well before 24 begins, so relax.

I’m heading to Austin for SXSW on Wednesday morning and will report from there, if there is wireless in my hotel. There’d better be wireless in my hotel. I won’t fling feces at the wall or anything, but there will be epic pouting.

Here’s an awesome game to play in your spare time, courtesy of my pal Blootered. My first trio of annoying elevator-mates: Richard Lewis, Verne Troyer, and Dom DeLuise. That’s an express elevator to hell — going down.

My cordless phone’s battery never seems to recharge fully. In the words of the imperious narrator from Gauntlet, “The cordless is about to die…”