Ah, Froot Loops

Okay, lots of news in the first week that my book’s on sale. First of all, thanks to everyone who came out for my reading on Monday — all 100 of you or so. I hope you had fun. I hope I didn’t drool or spit involuntarily. I tried hard not to. Thank you for laughing in all the right parts, even if I wasn’t funny.

Also, just a reminder that I’m guest-blogging on Powells.com all week! Today I talked about the joy of Froot Loops. And the pain of Foxing the Witch. Check out all the posts!

Monday’s post
Tuesday’s post
Wednesday’s post

In other news, I was allowed to write the most recent Book Notes on the excellent Largehearted Boy blog.

And I was interviewed by the way cool John Kenyon for his Monday interview over at Things I’d Rather Be Doing.

Also, take a look at this excellent review of Perfect From Now On in the Christian Science Monitor. It’s weird, but I always thought the CSM was a religious publication. Apparently it isn’t. Color me informed. And color me impressed with the review.

And here’s another kick-ass review by Tom Lynch for New City Chicago!

I also loved meeting Amy Benfer, who wrote this flattering profile of me in the pages of Metro AM, a daily paper distributed in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.

Finally, on Tuesday March 6, Whitney Matheson of Pop Candy amazingly posted the entire first chapter of my book, along with some very kind words, and unbelievably, spent nearly fifteen minutes speaking with me for her popular Podcast. She’s awesome! Check her post out here, and click on the link to launch the Podcast. I sound like a total geek. Just how you like it!

AND SOME NON-SELLERS NEWS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE: My pal Michael Nigro has an awesome documentary about reality television coming out on March 16 called American Cannibal. If you live in New York, it’ll be playing at Cinema Village on E. 12th Street (near University Place); check the website for screenings elsewhere. It also features a soundtrack full of new songs by Doug Gillard, the long-time lead guitarist of Guided By Voices. I highly urge everyone reading this to see it in its first week of release — it will really help. Watch a trailer here.

So I have a new theory: There is nothing worse than waking up in early March to find that it snowed heavily overnight. It’s okay if this happens in December or January or even much of February. But nobody except fool-ass skiers and snowboarders and maybe dipshits like a fresh March snowfall. Anyway, that’s my theory.