Perfect From Now On news

With heartfelt apologies to anyone who hates this kind of crap, I will hereby make eight separate announcements, all of them relating to the publication of my new book, Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life, which will be published by Simon & Schuster on March 6, 2007.

1. I have a brand new website at — where you can read excerpts, blurbs, and reviews of the book; access my long-running blog; and keep up with where I’ll be appearing over the next few months. Check it out, suckers!

2. It’s weird, but I’ll be making no fewer than ten appearances around the country over the next two months. The first one (and the one that I beg everyone in the New York City area to attend because Barnes & Noble has been extremely supportive of me and the book) is happening here:

NEXT MONDAY March 5 @ 7pm: Barnes + Noble Chelsea (6th Ave. @ 22nd St.)

3. If you are so inclined to support me by purchasing the book, I’d prefer that you buy it at your local indie bookstore or at one of my readings. But Amazon or another online outlet is obviously fine, too. Whatever’s easiest for you is cool with me and very, very much appreciated.

4. Perfect From Now On has gotten unbelievably good reviews. In particular, the March issue of Paste gives the book 3.5 stars and dedicates nearly an entire page to the book, which is accompanied by an almost life-size image of my face. Scary. Here are some things other reviewers have said:

“An accomplished slinger of invective, Sellers provides a rousing evaluation of alternative rock… Spot-on observations and a willingness to name names and ascribe blame as well as credit make this one of the best resources to date on indie rock.”– Booklist

“Sellers echoes the style of Nick Hornby but manages to maintain a distinctive voice: likable, smart, and steeped in music trivia, without being condescending.” — Kirkus Review

“[The book’s] pronouncements will provoke conversation, debate, and smiles among all who love music and pop culture of the past 25 years. Recommended.” — Library Journal

“…there is little of lasting substance here.” — Publishers Weekly

Um, never mind about that last one. Unless you dislike me as much as that reviewer seemed to. And my Detroit Tigers cap is off to the anonymous NY Mag reviewer who called me, no joke, an “asshole.” Sweet!

5. UPCOMING PUBLICITY: If you’re bored next week, join me every day March 5 through 9 at, where I’ll be goofing it up as a guest blogger. Also, my Book Notes entry over at Largehearted Boy will be posted on March 5. On March 6, Pop Candy will post an excerpt of the book and a Q+A with me that will also be on her daily Podcast. And finally, check out my interview with AmpCamp, which has generously posted a Q+A with me and also let me recommend some albums that appear in the book.

6. UPCOMING READINGS: If you have friends in one of these cities, could you please, please, please suggest that they attend? I don’t know many people in some of these places and I’m deathly afraid of speaking to chairs occupied by old ladies just resting while shopping for books about yarn. Not that I have anything against old ladies. I like old ladies! And yarn!

March 12 @ 7pm (reading)
NYC — Mo Pitkin’s Readers Room

March 16 @ 7pm (reading/party)
Austin, TX — Book People, SXSW pre-party with free beer!

March 17 @ 2pm (signing)
Austin, TX — SXSW Bookstore, Convention Center — right after Thomas Dolby!

March 20 @ 7pm (reading)
Ann Arbor, MI — Borders Downtown

March 21 @ 7pm (reading)
Grand Rapids, MI — Schuler Books Alpine

April 9 @ 7pm (reading)
Washington, DC — F.W. Thomas Reading Series

April 18 @ 7pm
Portland, OR — Powell’s Burnside

April 20 @ 4:15pm
Seattle, WA — Pop Conference at the Experience Music Project

April 21 @ 2pm
Seattle, WA — Elliott Bay Books

And check my website for updates, including possible big-ass events featuring Guided By Voices cover bands in Los Angeles and Chicago!

7. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: I contributed a bracket about indie rock to The Enlightened Bracketologist, which unbelievably is also being published on March 6. Two books in one day!

8. FINALLY: Let me know what you think of the book! You can do this directly, of course, or, if you’re really in an insanely altruistic mood, you could add a customer review (with five stars, please! apparently it helps!) on

Thank you for reading this far. In advance, I appreciate your support on this book. It really means a lot.