I just found out I missed A Charlie Brown Christmas the other night. My favorite part is when Linus says to Lucy: “Give me one good reason why I should listen to you!” and Lucy says, “I’ll give you five,” and then she counts off each of her fingers closing into a fist. Linus lisps, “Those are very good reasons.” I also, of course, like when Snoopy mimics Lucy, and when she catches him doing it, he jumps on her head and pretends to be a vulture.

On a different note, I watched the pilot episode and the second episode of Northern Exposure last night. If there’s a better drama that debuted in the 1990s — excluding Freaks and Geeks — I’d like to know about it. If you say The Sopranos, you lose a testicle.


My apartment is freezing. It’s, like, Greenland cold in here. Unacceptable.