Another gem found while unpacking, this one dated September 8, 1983, and written for my 8th-grade English class. I was 13. Enjoy!


The prices are going up because of inflation. The government needs more money. Candy and bubble gum prices have gone up five cents in a year. I’m blowing all of my money on it. Pizza has gone up at least 45 cents in the last year and a half. Showbiz Pizza has gone up a dollar already. McDonald’s food has gone up a lot in the last few years. Cartridges and disks have gone up some. Cars have gone up. Houses go up $10,000 or more a year. Arnie’s Funland is about the only place that the price has gone down in. Can you afford inflation?

[AJS note: Arnie’s Funland was a waterslide park beloved by kids in Grand Rapids, MI, in the mid-1980s. It lasted only a few summers. Maybe they should have charged more money.]


I spilled my fucking coffee on my hard wood floor and accidentally slid my sock over it. Nothing worse than a soggy sock!