Worst news since Phil Hartman died:


After almost 20 years, assorted lineups, and countless albums, EPs, singles, triples, stolen bases, misdemeanor convictions and broken hearts, Dayton, OH’s fortunate sons are taking leave of your senses. ‘Half Smiles Of The Decomposed,’ to be released August 24 on Matador Records, will be the final album from Guided By Voices, one of the most acclaimed independent rock bands of all time.

“This feels like the last album for Guided By Voices,” explains Robert Pollard, GBV’s lone constant member, lead singer, and famously prolific songwriter. “I’ve always said that when I make a record that I’m totally satisfied with as befitting a final album, then that will be it. And this is it.”

‘Half Smiles Of The Decomposed’ is the band’s 15th full-length studio release, following 2003’s ‘Earthquake Glue’ and retrospective box set, greatest-hits, and DVD releases. Although its tour later this year will be the band’s last, Robert Pollard will continue writing, recording, and (possibly) touring as a solo artist. “I love the guys in the band, but I’m getting too old to be a gang leader,” he explains. “There’s a sense of maturity, and even integrity, I think, in continuing as one’s own self.”


Guided By Voices is breaking up! Duh!