I don’t want to turn this into a DVD-announcement blog—unless you want me to! I’m a whore!—but there is some unbearably good news: Freaks and Geeks will be released on April 6. Anyone who doesn’t remember this show should just go away and never come back to AJS, because you are barred for life. (My site’s built-in Taste-o-MeterTM should have already detected this, though, so if you’re here, you’re clear, and probably a little bit queer, and I’m not talking about the gay way, either—though there certainly wouldn’t be anything wrong with that. But I digress.) The show, which NBC decided wasn’t worth its low ratings, lasted only 18 episodes during the 1999-2000 season; NBC’s brain trust thought it was a good idea to air a show that appeals to 18- to 45-year-olds on a Saturday night, when the vast majority of that audience is as far away from network television as Bill O’Reilly is from an unbiased point of view. The DVD will contain all the episodes, a director’s cut of the pilot (which, unbelievably, opened with Van Halen’s “Running With the Devil”), all of the original music, commentaries from every single cast member and writer, a huge booklet with photos and printed humor, and outtakes, trailers and auditions. Well worth the $69.98 they’re asking for it. A special-edition set, costing just under double that, will contain two extra discs of shenanigans, and will come with a fake yearbook from the gang’s high school. I will close this admittedly promotional entry with a quote from F&G‘s Nick: “Wow, that dinner smells good. Let me guess, meat?”


Another Craigslist post from a dumbass. If it’s supposed to be a joke, it’s not funny. If it’s not a joke, it’s not funny. Either way, it’s not funny, and that makes me mad.