Interview with RZA — 'Me Being a Geek Helped Hip-Hop Grow' (Video)

rza-wu-bookRiverhead Books recently published The Tao of Wu, the RZA’s new manifesto, and graciously offered True/Slant the opportunity to interview him at lower Manhattan’s USA Shaolin Temple. This is where, under the tutelage of Shi Yan Ming, the Wu-Tang Clan leader honed the martial-arts skills frequently alluded to in his lyrics and the book.

Here, RZA admits to being a geek, discusses how his man-crush on the Green Hornet led him to terrorize pals, and explains why he’d rather raise nerds than gangstas.

[youtubevid id=”OAM6Yk6PEwg”]

Also check out the video in which RZA kicks a Six Million Dollar Man jigsaw puzzle off my head. And see more of the interview here. RZA’s book The Tao of Wu is out now.