Jonathan Coulton's March Madness Bracket Dead Last in Pool

Yesterday, we asked musician Jonathan Coulton, a man who proudly, almost defiantly, professes to know nothing about college basketball, to give us his picks for this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament.

Last night and today, we have found out exactly how little Jonathan Coulton actually knows about college basketball.

Within hours of the tournament’s tip-off yesterday afternoon, JoCo’s bracket had been busted like a speeding tranny in the Bible Belt. While his Sweet 16 pick Old Dominion dutifully knocked off Notre Dame in early action, and he boldly predicted that Ohio University would decimate Georgetown, pretty much nothing else went Coulton’s way.

One by one his Final Four picks got humiliated. First, it was the Florida Gators (who Coulton picked due to the university’s affiliation with the Crocs brand of footwear). Then the Richmond Spiders, who Coulton improbably chose to win it all, bit the dust. Finally, Texas soiled the bed later that night. It was gruesome in every way, much like the expression “soiled the bed.”

All told, as of 4:15 p.m. on the tournament’s second day, with 19 games completed, he had correctly predicted the outcome of exactly 6 of them. “Obviously the system is corrupt,” says Coulton.

Not surprisingly, Coulton’s bracket, JoCo and the Spiders FTW, isn’t doing very well in the Awl’s official tourney pool. In fact, it’s dead last, out of 300 eligible entries.¬†And what’s great about it is that it’s only going to get worse from here.

This couldn’t have worked out better for either of us.

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