CNN Fails to Tap Bruce Campbell as Replacement for Lou Dobbs

brucecampbell1As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Lou Dobbs abruptly resigned last night as CNN’s 7 p.m. anchor. The network has already named John King as his replacement.


Obviously, a great opportunity has been missed here. CNN, as it has been reported, currently finds itself far behind Fox News in the prime-time ratings race; on a recent night, it finished fourth, with just 826,000 viewers, behind even MSNBC and sister network Headline News. Clearly, something more inspired than simply tapping a known commodity — not to mention a second CNN anchor with the last name King — was needed.

I’m thinking that CNN should have instead gone after the only man ever to achieve cult fame by replacing his own hand with a chain saw.

That’s right: CNN should have hired Bruce Campbell.

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