Curb-Stomp: An Oral History of the Grisly ‘American History X’ Scene

Few people who’ve seen American History X — one of Hollywood’s bluntest depictions of race relations — would be able to tell you that its disgruntled director, Tony Kaye, demanded to be credited as Humpty Dumpty. Or that the movie was a flop at the box office, taking in just under $7 million.

But what everyone remembers, even more than Edward Norton’s swastika tattoos, is the curb-stomping scene.

In the gruesome clip (which is too nasty for me to embed here), skinhead Derek Vinyard (Norton) makes a black man named Lawrence bite a curb and then stomps his booted foot on the back of the poor dude’s head. Game over.

Recently, and for no reason other than morbid curiosity, The Enthusiast tracked down those involved (except Norton, who declined to be interviewed) and compiled an oral history of one of the grisliest cinematic deaths ever devised.
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