This Stick-Meat Chicken Looks Unbelievably Tasty

I’ll admit it — I’ve never eaten at Juan Pollo. Clearly, this is my loss. I mean, just look at that delicious chicken!

But the restaurant chain, which operates dozens of locations around California, has more to offer than just splendid-looking char-broiled chicken. It also has an amazing Web site.

You get the image of the woman holding stick meat. You get an animated hen in a sombrero and poncho grooving to the “Chicken Dance.” You get to peruse the Tex-Mex menu, which lists a dish called Juan’s Big Bowl. And you get to read a note written by the chain’s founder that reveals his plan to outsell KFC one day. And who’d doubt him?

[Note: The restaurant chain is in no way affiliated with the crazed Juan Pollo fan in this YouTube video.]

If anyone knows of a more awesome website for a thriving restaurant chain, feel free to leave the information in the comments section. But it’s pretty tough to beat a woman holding stick meat.