This Stick-Meat Chicken Looks Unbelievably Tasty

I’ll admit it — I’ve never eaten at Juan Pollo. Clearly, this is my loss. I mean, just look at that delicious chicken!

But the restaurant chain, which operates dozens of locations around California, has more to offer than just splendid-looking char-broiled chicken. It also has an amazing Web site.

You get the image of the woman holding stick meat. You get an animated hen in a sombrero and poncho grooving to the “Chicken Dance.” You get to peruse the Tex-Mex menu, which lists a dish called Juan’s Big Bowl. And you get to read a note written by the chain’s founder that reveals his plan to outsell KFC one day. And who’d doubt him?

[Note: The restaurant chain is in no way affiliated with the crazed Juan Pollo fan in this YouTube video.]

If anyone knows of a more awesome website for a thriving restaurant chain, feel free to leave the information in the comments section. But it’s pretty tough to beat a woman holding stick meat.


One thought on “This Stick-Meat Chicken Looks Unbelievably Tasty

  1. Well I don’t know if this is better, I consider the music to be separate but equal. It’s not the theme song for the whole chain, just the Tennessee franchises. You really should get up and dance when this is playing.

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