Man Vs. Juice: David Rees's Anti-Jamba Campaign Is Unstoppable

True/Slant’s own David Rees, who is best-known as the cartoonist behind Get Your War On, is staging a boycott of Jamba Juice over on his off-site blog, My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable. His motto? “Juice sucks! Drink wine!”

At issue is a new Jamba ad campaign that totally rips off Rees’s long-running comic strip feels very familiar. Here’s an installment of Get Your War On:


And here’s the offending Jamba ad:


You can draw your own conclusions. But Rees, who is staging Jamba Juice Week over on his blog, is obsessed with taking the company down.

My goal is to make the definitive source for news about my war with Jamba Juice!

And frankly, I’m all for it. I haven’t been this upset about something since I found out there isn’t a fruit called jamba.


5 thoughts on “Man Vs. Juice: David Rees's Anti-Jamba Campaign Is Unstoppable

  1. Jamba Juice? More like JAMBA JERKS. Not even their high-priced luxury breakfast oatmeal can save them now.

  2. Wow… The Jamba ad isn’t even clever. They’ve just totally co-opted Rees’ art and shit all over it with some pathetically uninspired dialogue.

  3. I’m not sure the prayer vigil will be very effective, David, because before praying at the corporate HQ for Jamba’s earnings to collapse, they bought Jambas at the store down the street.

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