Soggy Beavers

For some god-awful reason I have begun to receive fashion- and beauty-related e-mails at my Time Out New York address. Here’s the latest, for a product called Nippies:

I have died a thousand deaths. Meanwhile, the preferred definition for pokey is “correctional institution,” as in the hoosegow or the clink. And I guess it would suck to have jail nips. But that’s obviously not what the press release is referring to. Maybe it’s the second usage — “puttering; slow; dull,” as in The Poky Little Puppy? Probably not. But I’m confused because nowhere in the dictionary does pokey or its chief variant poky mean “pointy,” or refer to “nipples that cause tell-tale indentations in the top layer of a woman’s clothing.” So, wow — Zoe’s assistant seems to have coined a new expression!

Today it’s momentum vs. inertia in the mother of all productivity battles.