Isla de Encanta

“Sent from my iPhone” — why do you people insist on affixing this tag to the messages you send that way? Like, do I attach a note saying, “Sent from my shitty laptop?” when I work at a cafe? No, I don’t. And anyone who did would be stupid (and in need of a more savory laptop). I’m pretty sure you just want others to know that you own an iPhone—something that isn’t as unique as you think it is.

Then again, I just got an e-mail from someone using a BlackBerry, and a similar message was attached. This makes even less sense to me, as BlackBerrys suck rhino. Why publicize the fact that you own the modern-day equivalent of a Speak & Spell?

UPDATE AT 1:52PM: Okay, some smart-ass just pointed out that the “SENT FROM MY IPHONE” message is the gadget’s factory setting. But by not disabling that function, people must be lazy or stupid or braggards, or all three. Or I suppose indifferent. There is nothing wrong with being indifferent, except where iPhones (and this election) are concerned.

All of which leads me to wonder if there was a sight gag in the recent stinker Get Smart in which someone receives an e-mail from Maxwell Smart that ends with “Sent from my shoe phone.” Anyone see that movie?

ANYWAY, I watched the Chupacabra episode of The X Files last night and I am now convinced that my cat is its distant relative, the dreaded Poopacabra.

Rush still wasn’t nominated by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.