Psychic Pilot Clocks Out

Amazing news! I have secured an in-person try-out for Jeopardy! Now, this only means that I passed their online test; I still have plenty of work to do before satisfying my number one goal of 2008 of appearing on the program. But, dude, I got a try-out!

Now, of course, begins the arduous process of making myself smarter — a Herculean task, or maybe a Sisyphean task, or some other kind of task that relates to one of those goddamn Greek gods I so direly need to study up on.

This unexpected news coupled with the Tigers’ three-game winning steak — which curiously began the very evening I posted my theory that they’re the baseball equivalent of the Black Stallion — has made me as happy as a little girl.

Transcribing tapes sucks sweet monkey ass.