Theresa’s Sound World

My interview with actor Patrick Stewart appears in this week’s Time Out New York, so click on the link and say “Engage!” in the sweet bald dude’s unmistakable voice. For space reasons (no, not outer space!), one excellent exchange landed on the cutting-room floor. (Although I obviously do not have an actual cutting room in my apartment, and now that I think of it, what the hell is a cutting room?) Here it is:

Me: There’s something that I’ve been dying to hear you say: Meatballs are delicious. Will you say it?

Patrick Stewart: Meatballs are delicious.

And seriously, they are.

By the way, my memoir Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life did not lead to a Pulitzer Prize, but Junot Diaz’s far superior first novel did, and rightly so. But is anyone else surprised that winners of a Pulitzer only receive $10,000?

The Tigers won, so my anger level is minimal today. But WTF with American Airlines? If they go out of business, what will happen to my free frequent-flier ticket? I better not get bupkes!