Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Now this is the kind of list I can get behind: Radar’s The 10 Most Hated People on the Internet. While I don’t agree with some of their choices, I hate most of those people as much as everyone else, especially Lori Drew, that dumb hag whose shenanigans led a 13-year-old girl in Missouri to hang herself. But isn’t George W. Bush the most hated person on the Internet? Or does he only qualify as the most hated person on the Internets (plural)?

I’m trying to coin a new word: weard. If you grow a beard and shave it creatively, you no longer have a beard but instead have a weard. So, a weard, then, is both a strange-looking beard as well as a very common internet misspelling of the word weird — which, come on, is shockingly easy to spell, you stupid dumb-asses. Here are some examples of weards:

Got it? Now go and spread that word around, possibly by pointing and laughing hysterically the next time you see someone who has one, and then yelling, “Bitchin’ weard, dude!”

And then you should go to this excellent blog and play some Duck Hunt.

The Detroit Tigers, picked by many to win the Central Division, are now 0-7. They can’t field. They can’t hit. They can’t pitch. And this is a $138 million squad! If they don’t win today against Boston, I am going to defecate in a very public place.