Metal Baby

I’ve been watching The Wire — pretty good so far. But it makes me think of other shows with bad opening credit sequences, because man, The Wire‘s opening credit sequence does not set up the series very well. Coincidentally, my pal Noodles sent me an e-mail about this very subject. Here is what Noodles has to say:

“I’m bored and sober. A bad combination.

I got to thinking about the worst TV theme songs of all time. Short, but only because I lost interest.

Topping it off – fucking The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.

(Ed. – Noodles is kind of a potty mouth.)

This can go to hell – my younger sister loved this show. Watched every week.

James at 15 sucked. I watched this show with my sister. Every fucking week.

James still sucked at 16. I was still watching.

Rhoda season 1
Rhoda season 2
Season 3 was tolerable

Season 4 they turned the suck back on… the funk intro negates the tolerable. Another 4 years of television that ruined me.

For obvious reasons, this is blasphemy … and incredibly gay.

This can go to hell…even though it’s a Saturday morning and it does have Charles Nelson Reilly. Of all the gay theme songs … it’s Charles Nelson Reilly gay.”

Thanks, Noodles!

After starting 35-6, I have lost six of the past twelve in Facebook Scrabulous!