Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Number 37: The Lone Gunmen (2001)

Spinoffs so rarely work. The road of TV history is littered with cow pies like Enos, The Tortellis and Booker. (The top three spinoffs ever? 1. Frasier. 2. Star Trek: The Next Generation. 3. The Jeffersons.) But for me, a diehard fan of The X-Files, no spinoff has ever topped the sheer stupidity of The Lone Gunman, featuring three annoying cronies of Fox Mulder who were only barely tolerable in small doses. This fan-made tribute to the show is even worse.

Number 36: My Big Fat Greek Life (2003)
The TV continuation of arguably the most overated romatic comedy of all time, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, MBFGL was so unfunny that even the laugh track sounds like it’s not having fun. In this particular clip, how do the writers bring the comedy? In a word: Yanni.

After a decade of searching and false positives, I finally got a winter coat that is better than everyone else’s. So I will never be angry again! Well, not until the next time.