Team Bolton forever!

Number 41: Clash of the Choirs (2007-??)
Have you been watching NBC’s hideous new entry into that worst of all genres — pointless singing competitions? Each of five celebrities, one of whom is inexplicably Nick Lachey, helps select a choir comprised of random people from his or her hometown and attempts to lead the resulting troupe toward the promised land of Moolahville. But these folks aren’t signing the Lord’s music — they’re singing well-know Top 40 songs and holiday classics in that excitable manner with which many choirs sing gospel songs. Jesus. It’s the worst idea since the Yugo.

Like so many pharmacy chains, my local one stuffs customers’ purchases into translucent white plastic bags. The problem, of course, is that if you’re not careful, anyone can see some of what you just purchased. No one needed to know that I use Old Spice deodorant. No one needed to know that I was out of Nivea shaving cream. No one needed to know that Lysol fresh wipes were on my mind today. And yet Duane Reade was suggesting that, yes, everyone did need to know that information. This pisses me off so much that I even feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan! In summation, it’s hard to comprehend the stupidity behind many pharmacies’ bag-color decisions.