Three more things I ate and dropped

Number 44: The Magic Hour (1998)
This syndicated late-night talk show, hosted by my all-time favorite basketball player, Magic Johnson, was so unwatchable that even his biggest fan (me) couldn’t watch it. It’s also so bad that there’s not even a clip of it on YouTube, other than this one:

Number 43: Beauty and the Beast (1987-90)
How did this melodrama concerning a romance between a lonely chick who looks like the lady from The Terminator and a dude with a lion face (played by Ron Perlman, no less) ever get on the air? I blame the greenies.

Number 42: Manimal (1983)
Sticking with the beast theme, I give you the lamest man-to-panther transformation sequence ever:

Can you believe this Mitchell Report nonsense? It’s taking all of the focus off the Detroit Tigers’ impending supremacy. Here’s a reminder of what Dombrowski hath wrought. Look at that lineup! And only one guy named in the Mitchell Report, too!