It’s on like Robotron

As bad as this is going to make me sound, I will admit that much of last night was spent playing the 1982 classic Robotron: 2084 with my friend on his new arcade-style cabinet, which magically houses 150 old-school games. Yes, I flew to Chicago for two nights and one of those nights was spent playing a video game that I’ve played a million times. That’s how I roll.

Am I the whitest guy who has ever said “That’s how I roll”? Yes.

After the Robert Pollard-ness of tonight, I will wake up with a splitting Miller Lite hangover, head to the airport, and cross my fingers that there are no snafus with my flight back to NYC. Tomorrow night, a bounty of musical activity awaits me in the New York City area. I’ll be hitting Don Pedro’s in Williamsburg to see my Montreal pal Paul Spence (of FUBAR fame) lay down the law with his balls-out punk band CPC Gangbangs. To do so, I’ll be forced to pass up a tribute to the Replacements taking place at Banjo Jim’s at the release party of Jim Walsh’s new oral history of the band. And, god damn it, I’ll have to miss new fave Times New Viking play at Cake Shop, where they’ll open for the seminal New Zealand post-punk band the Clean. Usually I have nothing to do on a Saturday night.

Please enjoy this horrible fan-made video for the CPC Gangbangs kick-ass classic “Teenage Crimewave”:

My Bloody Valentine still hasn’t announced any US dates.