Dayton Calling

From the ever-expanding “why didn’t I think of this first?” file: My Impression Now, a ridiculously awesome and excellently executed new blog from my old pal John Kenyon over at Things I’d Rather Be Doing. His plan is to write something — anything — about every single Bob Pollard song, one at a time, a task that should provide years worth of entertainment considering the 1,100 songs (and counting) to draw from. Curious that John doesn’t start things off with a discourse on the track that gives the blog its name; then again, I only wrote 27 words about Built to Spill in Perfect From Now On. John, to show my appreciation for your new endeavor, I will give you a crisp $20 bill if and when you finish. Will they even be using twenties in the year 2050?

And in honor of my looming trip to Dayton, I give you a video for the appropriately titled and very kick-ass GBV song “Why Did You Land?” (The answer: Because I wanted Marion’s pizza!)

No one sent me a photo of a woman reading my book.