Sellers in Chicago

This Friday, I will be descending on Dayton, Ohio, hometown of heroes, for Heedfest, best described as the first annual meeting of the Guided By Voices Appreciation Club. So, come Monday, I should be staggering into Chicago, where the first of the two FINAL readings from the Perfect From Now On hardcover will be happening. Won’t you attend? Or tell your friends to attend? How else am I gonna get heckled?

The details:

On Monday, July 2, at 7pm, I’ll be reading from the book at the Book Cellar, where the indie establishment’s wine will mix with the drowsy tones of my voice to lull you into dream-state, and I’ll use the opportunity to subject you to “Footnote-a-Rama.” Since this looks to be my final proper reading of 2007, mystery prizes will be awarded.

On Saturday, July 7 (yes: 07/07/07!), beginning at 10:30pm, I’ll be hosting a raucous, life-affirming event at the Beat Kitchen, at which attendees will witness Chicagoland Guided By Voices tribute band the Textbook Committee paying generous homage to Bob Pollard. Also: Chicago’s Farewell Captain, who will forego their originals to do a set of indie-rock cover songs — Pavement, Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, and other bands you love. Dayton’s Billy Catfish rounds out the bill; did I mention he’s from Dayton? Plus, giveaways will happen, people. All of this Saturday night excitement can be yours for a mere $7.

That’s it! I hope to see you in Chicago. If you spread the word — like my new pal LP, proprietress of the excellent music blog Copy, Right? — I’ll be your slave forever.

Why is a common misspelling of my name “Sellars”? I mean, “Cellars” I get — it’s an actual word. But “Sellars”? Occam’s razor, guys!