Audio slave

The good people at Smith magazine (no, it’s not a publication for Smith College alumni) have excerpted Perfect From Now On. They’ve also posted a three-pronged podcast where I ramble on about various issues relating to the book. Listen to it — if you dare!

And while we’re on the subject, that interview I did with WFUV last month has been archived after all. If you’re feeling especially masochistic, you can go here, type “Sellers” into the search box, and listen to both the 30-minute interview that aired on WFUV’s Words & Music and a clipped 5-minute teaser interview that aired on Take Five. Why you would bother doing this is a mystery, though.

AND FINALLY: Two of my more humorous friends both have books coming out tomorrow. And therefore I say unto you: Please buy comedic superstar Lynn Harris’ Death By Chick Lit and six-foot-seven gigantor EW scribe Josh Wolk’s Cabin Pressure.

I’m not — because the Tigers finally cut Jose Mesa!