Face for Radio

So, remember when I told you that I’d be appearing on Fordham University’s excellent alternative radio station WFUV? No? Well, it’s finally happening tomorrow, Tuesday May 15, at a wealth of times on both 90.7 FM here in New York and the www.wfuv.org stream.

At 8:15am and 4:45pm, a condensed version of the interview that personable host Julianne Welby conducted with me will be featured on Take Five. (That segment will be turned into an NPR podcast, which you can download here.) Then at 9pm, I’ve been slotted for approximately thirty Sellers-filled minutes on Words and Music, where I am almost certain to say something dumb. But please don’t let that stop you from tuning in.

Also, if you’re anywhere near Brooklyn on June 7 (at 6:40pm) and/or June 9 (midnight), why not head over to BAM cinema and check out Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade, a Sundance-approved documentary about classic video game players that also features me as a talking head?

So I’m trying to compile a list of the top 50 seemingly unimportant things that make me angry. Three things that will absolutely be on the list, which I’ll publish here soon: 1) Couples who sit on the same side of a booth when dining alone together. 2) The expression “24/7.” 3) People who talk while they eat. I think I’ll also soon be posting a list of the top 50 television shows/phenomenons that most get my goat. Stay tuned!