All the News That’s Fit to Print

Hey, two posts in one day. What gives?

Good news, that’s what. As previously mentioned, Perfect From Now On appeared in the pages of The New York Times Book Review yesterday. And Guided By Voices garnered a second mention in the paper, name-checked by fellow fan Rob Corddry. It’s happening, people! (“It” being GBV’s crazy-slow ascent to world domination.)

Also, this review in the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s daily paper pleased me. Verily, verily I say unto thee: It doth please.

There is also a very nice review of the book in the current issue of Magnet. (Lamely not available online.)

Also, I will be a guest on The Joey Reynolds Show this Tuesday night (it airs at 1am, so technically Wednesday morning). The show airs live in NYC on WOR radio, or 710 on your AM dial; it also airs in syndication in scores of other places, including Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to be on the radio in Hawaii.

Also, screw this crap. Definitive, my ass.