I’m on a Fordham Radio

I will be appearing on City Folk Morning on Fordham University’s excellent radio station WFUV tomorrow morning (Thursday, March 29) at 9:30am. The hosts seem very nice and know a lot about music — which makes me wonder why they want a dumb-ass like me on their show. Anyway, I hope you’ll tune in, which you can do here. I don’t believe this particular program will be archived, so it’s kind of a now-or-never kind of thing. Much like watching me eat a bowl of Cheerios. That shit ain’t being YouTubed.

UPDATE! Okay, so my interview totally didn’t air live. Friendly cohost Julianne Welby taped my segment and said that it will run on an upcoming Monday, probably in late April. I’ll let you know!

I still haven’t written a blog post about stage one of my book tour! Gah! Will have that up by Friday, promise.