And I Am Awake

Behold, the official old-school Built to Spill video game. I had too much fun procrastinating with this. Can you beat my personal record of fourteen made shots in one 30 second game? Warning: It’s hard to keep your concentration because when you miss, Doug Martsch says, “Not in my house,” in this really geeky voice.

I should make some brief announcements:

1) There will be a new website soon. The blog will be moving there, although this site will stay up and running as well — the posts will appear in both places. I believe. More details to come.

2) I really like pepper jack cheese lately. I can’t explain why. For the first 35 years of my life, I never touched the stuff. Now it’s like I own stock in it or something. Keep up the good work, pepper jack people!

3) A humble request to add me as a friend on my space. I feel so neglected. The internet can be so cold.

4) PERFECT FROM NOW ON is set to be published on March 6, 2007. I have finished up the all the edits. The galleys have been printed and a hundred or so have been sent out to magazine editors and the like for possible review. (Yeah, right — they’re all going straight in the trash or the giveaway pile.) Thanks to Sam Potts for a great cover design, which you will soon see on Amazon and other places, like actual bookstores.

5) My essay on musicians who rarely get praise for the simple fact that they seem to contribute very little to their respective bands (yes, I’m talking about that third dude in Depeche Mode who is not David Gahan or Martin Gore.) appears on the back page of the December issue of Spin magazine. I’ve been doing some writing for TV Guide lately; my girl-on-girl-on-guy Q+A with Jenna Fischer of The Office and Tina Fey of 30 Rock will appear in the December 12 issue. I’ll be interviewing Rob Corddry, formerly of The Daily Show, in a few weeks as well.

6) I was premature to say I would be updating this blog on a regular basis starting in November. That’s not going to happen until the new website goes up. Stay tuned. But I will say this: I have missed yelling directly into the big, gaping nothingness that is the Angry John Sellers quadrant of the Internet.

7) The Detroit Tigers bit the big one. They sucked it hard, and didn’t want to let go. But you know what? At least we made the World Series. My Tigers will dominate your lame-ass team again in 2007.

Fox has decided not to broadcast the O.J. interview! Here’s hoping the network replaces it with When Animals Attack XXX.