I’m blogging my ass off from an laptop for the first time, and I’m having no fun. I got me some lag on the typing. It takes 20 seconds to load a page that I can load in two seconds on Hoss, the computer now being worked over by the wizards at Tek Serv, the Mac specialists in Manhattan, who are charging me 600 fucking dollars to retrieve data that I should have duplicated for free on my own. Because of these annoyances, and even more due to a death in the family, this may very well be my only post this week. I am greatly appreciative of the advice some of you have given me about my computer files; I filed it in the section of my brain labeled “too little, too perky, too late.” I feel like I don’t know any of you anymore due to my recent blogging schedule — a few days off here and there will do that to an angry blogger, even one who is more frequently described as “dyspeptic” and “self-pitying.” Have a good life until we meet again, which I hope will be first thing next Monday. Just pretend I went to prison for a week!


I noticed an ad in Time Out New York for a new club called NerveAna. Slogan: We had the nerve to bring back the 90’s. AJS retort: I have the nerve to tell you that the idea for your new club sucks ass, and that I hope it dies a slow, horrible death like the English Patient.