When I’ve panicked about work projects in recent days, I’ve taken it upon my lazy ass to overhaul Casa de AJS. The New Musical Express from March 1993 featuring Pavement (cover line: “How far out can they get?”) is now framed and hanging on a wall. Finally sifting through the last few boxes still remaining from my move ten months ago, I unearthed a collage I made in 1990 that features the cut-out head of smiling Little Debbie, she of Oatmeal Pies and Snack Cakes fame, glued onto the body of the Cult’s Billy Duffy, in mid-strike of his guitar, as depicted on the cover of their shitty crossover album Sonic Temple. (An aside: I cut the Duffy image out from the oversize cardboard box that the CD was packaged in — the same type of box that all CDs were packaged in back then. Remember how entirely unnecessary those boxes were?) I am also the proud finder of ten unused postcards from Pilatus mountain in Switzerland. Apparently I got quite a kick out of my tram ride up its craggy slopes back in 1994, but I barely remember anything about it now. I apologize to everyone I failed to tell, via unlovely postcard, about the excursion. I also apologize to the postcards themselves, for not writing on them. I defeated their very purpose.


I have three lamps in dire need of light bulbs.