Because I’m busy and boring, I will post yet another story written long ago. This one is dated October 13, 1978 — which makes it, to the best of my knowledge, the first story I ever wrote (I was eight). It’s pretty shitty. Note: All of the misspellings are from the original, handwritten copy.

Once apon a time there were 2 gods. One of the gods name was Flash and he was the bad god. He was lighting. The other one was the god of rain and his name was Raindrops and he was nice. And the lighting struck the god of rain and it did not kill him becuase he is a god so, it did not kill him. It went on and on. Finally the bad god changed into a good god so that’s all folks goodbye! THE END. GOODBYE.

AJS note: Raindrops? God, I was a dumb kid.


Duke beat the Michigan State Spartans last night.