I found a copy of The Globe (the exclamation-point-happy tabloid) on a subway bench today. Unbelievably, it was dated August 25, 1992. The best excerpt I can find:

Head of the Class cutie Khrystyne Haje bounced back from her fling with Monaco’s Prince Albert — and fell head over heels for Night Court’s Richard Moll! Khrystyne and Richard, who plays Bull on Night Court, have been dating for a few months after meeting at an L.A. ecology fair.

“Their booths were next to each other and they got to know one another over the course of the day,” says a family friend. “Khrystyne thought Richard was wonderful, mostly because he had her in stitches all day. She says he’s the funniest guy she’s ever known.”


Richard was married at the time, but his three-year marriage to Laura Class broke up in April. After playing the field for a while, Richard called Khrystyne and asked her out on a date. “They’ve been going out ever since,” the friend says.

The sitcom stars made a striking couple at the recent Valentino Awards. “They were kissing and hanging on each other all night,” says another guest who attended the gala.

The only person not delighted for the happy couple may be Khrystyne’s mom, who hasn’t gotten over her daughter’s breakup with Prince Albert. “She was heartbroken when the romance fizzled because she fantasized about being the mother of a princess — and saw Khrystyne as the next Grace Kelly,” the family friend says.

[AJS note: Wow.]


I know I’m the billionth person to ask this, but why does nothing bad ever happen to the Yankees?