I finally received a big-ass loaf of banana bread on Friday afternoon and felt very happy to be in possession of something so big-ass and loaf-like. But behold, the bread saga continues. A note from my mother, received Saturday morning:

I just realized with horror that I used baking soda in your bread instead of baking POWDER. I hope it won’t ruin the taste. They are similar but not the same. So let me know how the bread tastes. I realized it when I was making Matt’s loaves and remembered that I had used baking soda in yours. Sorry. Would you like another loaf? I’m making Matt’s with walnuts, and this afternoon I’ll make some carrot-zucchini bread with raisins for him.

Quite a let-down, like that time my friend burned me the new Robert Pollard album but my crappy CD player wouldn’t play it. I have declined to be sent another loaf.


The Minnesota Twins shit the bed.