Things I learned from watching the Dem. convention on PBS last night:

1. John Edwards, while an absurdly wonderful motivational speaker (he’s got my vote!), has an overly large tongue.

2. The governor from my home state of Michigan was born in Canada.

3. Howard Dean is a good man. Why did we do that to Dean?

4. Reverend Al Sharpton has lost CONTROL OF THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE!!!!

5. PBS has worse camera placement than the other networks, but is more judicious in its use of audience reaction shots.

6. Sorry, Altman, but whatever you’ve got going on there with Cynthia Nixon, well, it’s not going to be any good.

7. I don’t need to see any more extreme closeups of Janet Reno ever again.


I failed to get VIP tickets to the final Guided By Voices show, in Chicago this New Year’s Eve. After the concert, the 50 VIP ticket holders get to eat pizza and drink beer with the band until 4am. Damn it!