Wow: The godfathers of Gospel mime

[youtubevid id=”JBsVNMjIkrI”]

If you’ve ever had a hard time sitting through a normal sermon, imagine if that sermon was instead interpreted by mimes. I can’t figure out if this is a better or worse concept than The Cross and the Clown, a magazine by and for Christian clowns (yours for only $35 per year!). I also can’t figure out why both of these things are actually real.

And here are the awesome links:

You will laugh at these unfortunately spelled right-wing protest signs. [Dribble Glass]

You will laugh even more at this “website” whose mission is to find “signs” featuring words and phrases unnecessarily placed in “quotation marks.” [Unnecessary Quotations]

The opening scene of Reservoir Dogs is typed out and edited with a text-to-speech program. [Maxim]

Hayley Williams, the spunky frontwoman of Paramore, reveals that she recently met Pauly Shore in the parking lot of a Days Inn. [Spin]

Behold, eight fast-food combos the world absolutely never needs, including the Sausage McGriddle Crunch Cake. [Maxim]



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