Video — John Hodgman on 'V' and Why Obama Is a Lizard Person

21In the first installment of our new Internet series Driving While Interviewing—whose title describes its gimmicky premise—we welcome actor and friend John Hodgman to the passenger seat of our 2006 Hyundai Elantra.

Here, in part one, Hodgman hits me in the face with a copy of his latest book, More Information Than You Require, before settling down to discuss why releasing the paperback edition on the same day as the premiere of ABC’s V revamp might have been a bad idea. Also check out part two of the interview, in which Hodgman attempts to kick a Fresca bottle off my head.

[youtubevid id=”tY1daNuXhvo”]

Hodgman will be reading at the Barnes + Noble in Union Square in New York City this Wednesday night (November 4) and then immediately sets off on a national book tour; visit the Hodgman portal for all your Hodgman needs.