Tattooed Guy Sings TV Theme Songs on Toilet

Picture 1I have recently been alerted to the presence of six videos, in which a tattooed dude named Alex Lacao sits on a toilet and heroically lip-synchs the themes to 1980s and ’90s sitcoms.

After watching and re-watching the videos of (a thankfully pants-wearing) Mr. Lacao expertly mugging through the lyrics to Perfect Strangers, Gimme a Break!, Full House, and other seminal shows, I can safely say that he is a genius.

To check them out on the next page is to be blown away.

[youtubevid id=”TduIR2xm2Wc”]

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3 thoughts on “Tattooed Guy Sings TV Theme Songs on Toilet

  1. Alex is a very cool guy. He made me think about that lip-sync game show from the early 80s… Puttin’ On the Hits

  2. Those were amazing. Mr. Belvedere was spot on. I hope you guys decide this calls for a ‘lip-synching theme songs on your toilet contest’. I might be the only contestant, but I’d be in.

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