Want a roll with that crab?

There’s just this huge pressure going on here about how to kick The Enthusiast off. If the Internet has invented a way to shower its readers with actual balloons and confetti, I have yet to hear about it. A welcome video of me opening my arms wide to greet you, inexplicably with my pants off, seems like a wildly inappropriate thing to post. So how to begin? Other than with a whiny paragraph about how to begin?

With this link to a photo of a cute kitten, that’s how.

Yes, you’ve just been “Crab Rolled.” (Courtesy of Ted Leo.) Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Want a roll with that crab?

  1. Smacks of the Talk magazine launch by Tina Brown a few years back. Let’s try to be original going forward.

  2. You could, however, try to redeem yourself by coming up with a True/Slant theme song.

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